7 Common Yet Most Effective Solutions to Fix Can’t Login to Facebook

  • Facebook has a wide appeal and attracts a user-base of more than 2 billion.is one sort of a platform that let you share, chit-chat, play, shop, and run a business
  • It is one sort of a platform that lets you share information, chit-chat, play, shop, and run a business at the same time. However, you might experience a nightmare when you can’t log-in to Facebook. 
  • Well, not surprisingly Facebook login issues are fixable. You can easily fix them, if you know the reason why you’ve experienced Facebook log-in attempts failure.

Ask anybody from teenagers and adults to even elderly people, you’ll not be surprised to know that logging to Facebook has become a monotonous routine of their daily-life. And why not! After all, to become the most preferred social site for more than 2 billion people across the globe, Facebook has definitely come a long way. More than just a platform for uploading photos and chit-chatting with friends, family and colleagues; it has now offering its users with options like sharing information, playing interesting games, buying products, running a business, generating revenues and similar more, isn’t it amazing!

However, not to forget that, logging to a site that has billions of active users, isn’t always as easy as performing these 3 simple steps—

  • Step 2: Entering your Facebook account’s login credentials i.e., your Password and Email ID.
  • Step 3: Clicking the “Login” link to reach your Facebook account’s news feed.

Well, it’s a bit more complex than that! Many a time, accessing a Facebook account seems problematic. Every now and then, users have been seen reporting about login issues that cannot let them access their Facebook account. So, while login, if anyone of you has recently received any such message that reads—

  • Login Failed! Sorry, something went wrong
  • Something went wrong, please try again later 
  • Facebook Will Be Back Soon
  • An unknown network error has occurred &
  • This Facebook account is temporarily unavailable, etc.

It simply indicates that you’ve encountered a login-related issue with your Facebook account and until and unless it wasn’t resolved, you’re bound to experience Facebook sign-in attempts failure. And, we can understand the level of apprehension that one has to go through when you cannot access your Facebook account due to various ill-factors. Wondering what all are they?

Reasons Why Can’t I Log into Facebook

  • Facebook Website Server Down-when there’s a network outage and the server of Facebook site is down.
  • Incorrect Password and/or Username-when you’re accidentally entered your account’s login credentials incorrect.
  • Forgotten Facebook Password-when due to a hectic life schedule you are no longer able to recall your current Facebook account’s password.
  • Hacked Facebook Account-when someone gets hold onto your account using unethical ways and changes its password for not letting you access it.
  • Cache, Cookies and History of Your Browser-when a lot of cache, cookies and browsing data get accumulated in your browser then, the same might start interfering in your logging attempts.
  • Temporarily Disabled Facebook Account-when Facebook team considers your account at the edge of being fake or when you violate Facebook’s T&C then, it disables your account for not letting you further use it.
  • Malware or Other Viruses-when Facebook detects Malware on your system and/or other viruses then, for security reasons, it denies you access to your account.

But, don’t you know with plenty of reasons come plenty of solutions? Fortunately, Facebook also has workarounds for problems that its users encounter regarding their Facebook accounts. So, there’s hardly anything to fear about ‘Facebook login issues’ when you have the following right solutions that we’ve listed here for you to fix the same. Have a look—

Most-Common Solutions to Fix ‘Facebook Won’t Let Me Log-in’ Issue 

Solution 1: Check for Down Facebook Server 

In case, you can’t login to Facebook then, the first thing you should do is check if “Facebook is down or not.” If yes, then, whether it’s down for everyone or it’s just you. Well, because sometimes, Facebook may get down due to some technical server error and that’s why you find yourself unable to sign in into your Facebook account. 

So, in order to check about this possibility, you can visit the server-status checking websites like—

Once, you get on the site, type ‘Facebook.com’ in its search text box and hit the ‘Enter’ button to know the status of the Facebook site. By doing so, if the result shows that Facebook is not down then, you can further get sure about the same by visiting “Downforeveryoneorjustme.com.” On this site, if the result indicates that it’s only down for you and not for everyone else then, you need to contact your local administrator for fixing the same. Or, if everything seems fine with the servers then, simply move-on to the other solutions to fix the issue.

Solution 2: Check Your Facebook Account Login Credentials

As a human tendency, we sometimes unintentionally enter the wrong password, username or email address. So, considering that factors like typing errors, spelling mistakes and entering wrong credentials can create problems logging into Facebook; it is recommended that before trying other solutions, you should re-enter your Facebook account’s login details carefully and in doing so, avoid copy-pasting them completely as well as use the ‘Caps and Num lock keys’ with utmost care. 

Solution 3: Reset Facebook Password

Another possible factor behind the occurrence of ‘Facebook login error’ might be that you no longer remember your current password and are just attempting to access your account with an old or completely wrong password. So, in case of forgotten password, you can reset it with a new one using these steps—

  • First launch your web browser on your respective device and use this link “www.facebook.com,” to visit the ‘Facebook login page.’
  • Once you reach there, provide your Facebook account’s username in the respective text-field.
  • Then, instead of typing the wrong password of your Facebook account, click the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reach the next page.
  • There, you’ve to choose a recovery method from the following: ‘Secondary Email Address, Registered Phone Number and Trusted Facebook Contacts.’ 
  • After selecting any one of your choice, provide the same to get a reset code from Facebook. 
  • Once you receive the code, enter it in the asked place and in doing so, you’ll be directed onto the ‘Password Reset Page.’
  • There, you’ve to enter a new and strong password for your Facebook account.
  • In continuation, do not forget to re-type the same for its confirmation. 
  • Now, using the same newly created password, you can log-in to your Facebook account and easily get it access. 

Solution 4: Report and Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

If you suspect that your Facebook has been compromised and its password has been changed and that’s why you’re unable to login to the same then, execute these following steps to report your hacked account for getting its access back—

  • First and foremost, visit this link “https://www.facebook.com/hacked/.” In doing so, ‘Facebook Hacked account’ page will open in front of you.
  • There, click this ‘My Facebook account was hacked’ option. 
  • Then, locate your account by entering the ‘email address or the phone number’ that you’ve registered while creating your Facebook account. 
  • After that, choose a valid reason for your hacked account and click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter a new and more secured password for your Facebook account. So, provide the same and confirm it by retyping it again in the ‘Confirm new password’ text-box.
  • In the end, click the ‘Next’ button and try logging to your Facebook account with that newly created password. 

[Note: Once you’re able to access your account, check for any unfamiliar information and if there’s any, make sure to edit your account’s information by using the ‘Edit Information’ option.]

Solution 5: Optimize Your Web Browser

If you’re from those users who still use a web browser instead of Facebook app to access & surf through your account and wondering why suddenly “I Can’t Access My Facebook Account” then, understand that even a faulty browser can lead to ‘login-related issues.’ So, make sure you optimize your browser regularly with these following easy steps and check whether this can help you to get rid of encountered ‘Facebook-login issue’—

  • Open your browser and click on its “Customize and Control Menu” which is available in the form of ‘Three-dots’ at the top-right corner of the browser’s homepage.
  • Then, click the ‘Settings’ option from the expanded menu.
  • In doing so, you’ll be navigated onto the next page where you’ll have to select the ‘Privacy and Security’ option to clear all your browser’s history, cache and cookies.

Solution 6: Re-enable Your Disabled Facebook Account

Sometimes, Facebook even denies your request to log in to your Facebook account because your account has been temporarily disabled for violating the platform’s “Rules and Regulations and/or Terms and Conditions.” 

And, remember that whether it will be on a temporary or a permanent basis, totally depends on the nature of violation that had been knowingly/ unknowingly done from your side. However, luckily if it’s on temporary basis then, you can submit an appeal to Facebook for recovering or re-enabling your account via these following steps—

  • From your respective device, visit this “My personal account was disabled” page and there, provide your contact information using which you’ve signed-up on Facebook.
  • After that, enter your Facebook account’s username also.
  • In continuation, upload your passport-size photograph as the identification proof.
  • And, once you’re done with providing all your details that are associated with your Facebook account, simply click the ‘Send Appeal’ option.

In doing so, your appeal form will be sent to Facebook and most probably within 5-20 days approximately, you’ll be able to recover your disabled Facebook account.

Solution 7: Secure Your Account from Phishing and Viruses Attack:

Well there’s no doubt that ‘Keylogger Virus’, ‘Side jacking’ and ‘Phishing’ attacks are rapidly increasing to hack your social media account’s password and other information. And, considering that, this can leave you vulnerable from accessing your own account, it is pretty much necessary that you use the right measures to keep your account secure. For instance—

  • You can check your device regularly and download an effective antivirus for it to avoid being a victim of Keylogger virus.
  • Avoid phishing attacks by not immediately clicking anything you encounter on Facebook even if it appeals you the most. First check the security status and then, consider visiting!
  • And, last but not least, to be safe from the side jacking attack method, do not log-in your Facebook account on any public forum.   

In addition to the same, whether you know or not; if Facebook detects a malware or any other virus on your device, it won’t let you access your account till you remove the same. In fact, you’ll receive a similar message like this—

So, in that case, hit the ‘Continue’ button and simply run an antivirus software program to make your device clean from any sort of viruses. And then, authorize your device to give you access to the Facebook site by adding Facebook to the ‘Trusted sites’ via your browser’s ‘Security’ option. That’s all! With these most-commonly yet effective solutions, hopefully you can troubleshoot the encountered ‘Facebook login issues’ and will easily get access to your Facebook account without any further issue. However, in an unfortunate case, if nothing works in your favor then, consider taking help from ‘Facebook Help Centre Page.’