Are you Stuck with a Hacked Facebook Account? Use Our Guidebook To Iron Out the Knots

  • Rising Facebook with rising Risks!!

Facebook, the hub of free accessible profiles which is used day after day for countless motives is constantly growing parallel with every childbirth. 

With every child over the globe, Facebook users are born blooming several account creations and logins. The Facebook App, being one of the oldest and all-time in-demand apps since 2004 has never stopped expanding all through the years. Moreover, it continues to spread and reach all sorts of races and places. Presently, everyone has an active Facebook account. Counting from 2.85 billion Facebook users over the world to 297 million users in the USA. 

Considering the fact, everyone from the age of a little one till the age of a grey-haired individual is at the risk of free accessible exposed identities.

With every active social media technology, security issues leading to reliability doubts are increasing, making it a major concern in today’s time. You can never run from the spammers, even if you are a celebrity or an active user. To cut it down, Facebook Hacking has been an unresolved issue of concern for years and it continues to be so with highly harmful risk factors.


The data mentioned below features the highlighted years of Facebook-specific security, including a timeline-

  • Sep 2006- Dec 2007- Growing anxiety in Facebook users with the introduction of Beacon, sharing feeds.[1]
  • Nov 2011-Facebook agreed to undergo an independent privacy evaluation every other year for the next 20 years. 
  • June 2013-The bug was discovered by a White Hat hacker — someone who hacks to help companies to find bugs and build better security practices. Facebook fixes bugs, notifies people whose info may have been exposed.
  • April 2015-Facebook cuts off apps from taking all the data they want
  • Jan 2018- Europe’s data protection law
  •  Facebook released a set of privacy principles explaining how users can take more control of their data.
  • Feb 2018-Belgian court tells Facebook to stop tracking people across the entire internet
  • March 2018- Revealed that Facebook knew about massive data theft and did nothing. “I’ve been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

To be on the safer side, everyone should 

  • Practice self-dependence
  • Everyone should try to learn the fundamental knowledge to avoid hackers and their access to your Facebook account. 

Pre Precautions to Avoid Facebook Hacks

First, let us take a short tour of the basic pre precautions that one should take while using the app


This factor is a must to be practiced by every single Facebook user. It helps to secure your account in the first place, from the first click of your account creation. It borderlines and creates a partition between you and the hacker within the first click, to increase the least possibility of hacks. 

To make it easy, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account (enter your email id and password) 

Step 2: Click on Settings

Setting & Privacy

Step 3: Go to Security and Login

Go to Security and Login

Step 4: Click on login approvals.

Click on Login Approvals

Step 5: Get started and continue.

Step 6: Set up security code delivery.

Step 7: Confirm login approval set up

  • You can also install security keys and apps to keep your synced accounts safe.

Login your account > Settings> Security and login

With these steps, you are safe and secure in the first place. Constantly maintaining low risks of spam.


Facebook has been used at a higher pace, for all the purposes including- social connections, news, events, turmoils in other states and countries, sharing pictures and videos with friends and family, and recently to start a self-built business on an individual level, making the app a major source of business production and revenue generation. 

After the pandemic, there is a big boom in the digital marketing sector, through which  Facebook was used as a platform to build and reach audiences at a larger scale. You think it is a mutual benefit of promotion between you and Facebook. But, with one account creation, you are exposed instantly. Giving sharing access to your name, age, gender, your current location, places you work or go to daily, your friends, and biological relations over the globe.

BEWARE and choose smart.

As for a hacker who is also one of the regular Facebook users undercover within the crowd, only your email address is sufficient and checked. Now, that is the largest disadvantage of Facebook- YOU ARE UNDER SURVEILLANCE 24/7, OBLIVIOUS.

“Facebook gives rise to so many possibilities of exposing your self-identity while creating a self-identity”. So beware of all the unprotected aspects that come with the so-called “protection kit”. Till today, Mark Zuckerberg is not able to provide 100%  Facebook security. The key is- to be self-dependent and self-reliant.


It doesn’t matter if you are famous or not, it does not matter if you are a celebrity or not. A hacker does not need permission from anyone. He can be at any place, at any time changing, replacing, and inserting different information for different identities. 

He/she is not gender or age-specific. They can access anyone’s account, within minutes without the other person realizing it.

The major reasons for the hackers practicing legal and illegal hacking are listed as below:

  1. For celebrities, the accounts are hacked to advertise a page or a brand, promotions leading to heightened production.
  2. For legal performances, ethical hacking is practiced.
  3. For normal people, hacking is practiced due to various reasons:
  • To take revenge 
  • Due to tussles in relationships, leading to disgusting outcomes and solutions.  
  • For their some are account-related, such as account centers, to practice their skills. 


Experienced Incidents that can Hack your Facebook Account

  1. Amantha, a teacher from New Jersey was traumatized when she realized suddenly someone was posting irrelevant activities and handling her Facebook Account. She was unable to log in and was informed by her friends about sickening posts and activities, leading her to discomfort. Her recent locations were shared, making her completely helpless. 
  • She tried contacting the Facebook Help Centre. But, even after several reports and emails, it all turned out to be pointless. She felt disgusted by her publicly humiliated exposed identity. Unable to see any possibility to recover from this phase, she took a fatal step to release herself from a depressed state of life and committed suicide.
  1. Nick, a waiter from a village named- Galena, Illinois was suddenly logged out while using his Facebook Business Account. He was using Facebook as the source of his small garment business’ production for some side earnings.

He was logged out and was unable to log in. The next day, his bank account was empty. Unable to figure out what happened. All his savings, earnings, and survival of his family were based on that one account.

His Facebook account was hacked and robbed, due to a saved card. Distressed with the end of his life and his family, he has been begging on the streets for a year now for food and money to sustain his family.

Do you see, to what extent can Facebook lead you? If you are not well aware of the correct ways and appropriate solutions. 

Take a glance at the following, so that you don’t fall into the TRAP


If you see the following activities have changed, your account has been hacked-

  • Your email and password have changed.
  • Your name and birth date have changed.
  • A friend request has been sent to people you don’t know.
  • Messages have been sent that you did not send.
  • Having a post that you did not create.
  • Log in and check your Hamburger Menu on Facebook and double-check permissions given or not given for various activities through your account. 
  • Continue the steps assisted by Facebook after reaching the following page through- Settings > Apps and Websites :

What to do after your account is hacked?

Check the login details

Step 1: Start with logging out from all the devices, by clicking the downward arrow at the top-right. To check if you experience any suspicious activity while using your account. Recited below:

Step 2: Log out of All Sessions

Change your password

Step 1: Do not forget to change your password. To do so, log in to your account if possible. Select Settings and Privacy ( at the upper-right corner)    

Step 2: After the Settings and Privacy, check the Settings tab.                       

Step 3: As you go to General Settings, click on Security and Login.    

Step 4: It will redirect you to the following page. Click on the edit page.

Step 5: After you reach the following page, change your password accordingly.

Log in with your current email account and independently to check if you can access your account.  If not, then your account has been intruded on by someone. Kindly, copy the following steps-



Scroll down to know more

Let your people know:

  • Warn your friends, relatives, or professional accounts, asking them to not access or click any links sent by your hacked account.
  • Ask them to report your account to Facebook via URL- So, that your account gets highlighted and can be resolved by Facebook Services without long delays. 

You will be directed to the following page while finding your account, for further queries-

  1. Kindly follow their instructions, related to your account. 
  2. Facebook will then, guide you through the security measures 
  3. Leading to your account recovery
  4. Check the login alerts, not initiated by you.
  5. Report directly to Facebook Security and email to the Help Centre. 

What to do before your account is hacked?

1. Tighten your login access by

  • Strong passwords
  • 2 step verification
  • Setting > Security and Login > Two-Factor Authentication. It will lead you to the following image.

You can also run a security-check up. It will log you out from all the devices and will help you to notify whenever someone tries to log in to your account. 

2. Review and keep a track of your privacy concerns, from time to time.

  • Settings> Privacy> Privacy Shortcuts> Privacy Check up.

-The last step will lead you to the following page.

  1. Avoid saving passwords on public devices
  2. Make sure your delete and log out every time on other devices
  3. Clean up your browser constantly 
  4. Protect yourself from spyware and malware
  5. Avoid phishing (clicking unwanted ads account center to are account center some strangers
  6. Never click suspicious links 
  7. Use Facebook extra security actions

By the steps and guidelines mentioned above, you will be able to avoid and die independently with all the Facebook Hacking issues. 

Unestimated extents of Facebook Hackers

1. Invading privacy and being the boss of your account

Hackers under the Dark web, practice poisonous activities. They can reach certain extents starting from logging in to your account and keeping track of your daily activities to posting unacceptable and irrelevant data, messaging your friends, and embarrassing you publicly.

2. Data Leakage

Another aspect is data leakage, as Facebook has all the data including names, phone numbers, location, email address, and biographical information which can be stolen and posted on low-level hacking forums. This data could be used to commit cybercrimes, blackmails, and frauds. It has been reported recently, 533 million Facebook users’ phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online.

To prevent this stage of self embarrassment and discomfort on public platforms and to enjoy using the app safely. Go through the above-listed thumb rules and tips.

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