A SureShot Way to Get Out of Facebook Jail. Bonus: Precautionary Measures


  • Facebook users, violating the FACEBOOK RULES AND REGULATIONS can fall under this Virtual Facebook Jail. You can lose access to your account(partially or permanently) followed by restricted actions.

It is equally important to remember that Facebook is doing this to uphold authenticity, safety, privacy, and dignity for all members of the Facebook Community. To understand the roots, it is necessary to be aware of Facebook rules and regulations preventing you from getting blocked and using Facebook without any bothering issues. 

A minor misuse can lead to suspending, blocking, or termination of your Facebook accounts. You will notice the following pages, in case you are under Facebook Jail.

You can’t post or comment for 7 days
Check if your Account is Locked

To stay away from these Infractions, you need to understand them first:

Keep Scrolling, to be a Master of the following:


Facebook can penalize you by putting you under FACEBOOK JAIL if you are found violating the rules and regulations. Under Facebook Jail, you will be disabled to use some of your Facebook actions, which includes- posting, sharing, messaging, or liking posts. It can lock you up in a virtualized prison.

First things first, let me give you some factual data beforehand to understand why you should read the following blog. As you might be the next one to fall into the trap!

  1. Mr. Barksdale, a history teacher in Newcastle, Okla, has been banned several times from his Facebook account, for incomprehensible reasons. 

He has been restricted from posting and commenting for three days to a 30-day ban.

  • When Mr. Barksdale tried to appeal, Facebook disagreed, and extended his ban to 30 days, saying six of his past posts had gone against the company’s Community Standards.
  1.  The recent graduate of the State University of New York- Colton Oakley was restricted after expressing concerns about student loans. His sentence: three days without posting on Facebook.
  2. Alex Gendler, a freelance writer in Brooklyn, N.Y., experienced a similar ban after sharing a link about tribal New Guinea.


Due to excessive use of Facebook on a large scale, sharing and resharing of inappropriate content has been recorded that made the app unreliant. During the content clearing, the following data was eliminated: 

The Facebook team noticed:

  • Suicide Threats or Self-injury posts 
  • Influencing Illegal Consumption of Drugs
  • Uploading Bullying and Harassment posts
  • TriggeringTerrorism 
  • Putting up Violent content
  • Activating Hatred and hate Speeches
  •  Giving rise to Nudity and Sex Exploitation
Data of content removed by Facebook 
Graph of bullying and harassment on Facebook

Due to the above unacceptable security reasons, to bring in a peaceful and positive atmosphere. Facebook kicked off with Facebook Jail. 



Let us be your safeguard! Just rest assure and stick to the following factors:

How did you End up in Facebook Jail?

Some of the main reasons include,


Half-baked knowledge is more dangerous than full-fledged knowledge. So, do not talk, write, post, or spread unsure facts or built-up rumors.


Facebook is determined to cultivate and maintain a discrimination-free community, accepting 0% tolerance against it.


To prevent your Facebook page ban, avoid uploading and posting the same content daily

Abusive Behaviour

Facebook runs a community of rules that do not allow anyone to use unreasonable or abusive language at any cost. And if found so, your account can be blocked or banned.

How to Check if you are already trapped in Facebook Jail?

Step 1: Login to your Facebook page and select the downward arrow at the top-right

Select downward arrow on Fb profile 

Step 2: Go to the Help and Support option

Open help and support on Facebook

Step 3: Click on Support Box.

Step4: When you see the following screen, click on the option you want to choose.

Click on the option you want to choose

Alt: Click on the option you want to choose

 Step5: You can choose from the following options, to find the status of your account. 

Find the status of your Account


Here are most of the reasons, with the solutions listed below:

What you are doingWhat should you do?
Crazy PostingInterval Posts
Tagging non-stopAvoid tagging all the time
Using media marked as spam by FBMake your content
Using more than One FB AccountsUse one Account at a time, or different Accounts in Different Devices
Acting like a SpammerSlow down your pace and only add well-known people to your account.Keep Personal Accounts separate from Business Accounts

What to do now?

Now, Just follow 3 easy go-to steps:

  1. Rest assured patiently– Your virtual imprisonment tenure depends on the level of your violation. Usually, it takes 24 hours to three days to recover your Account. But, it can also take 21 days to permanently deactivate your Account.
  2. Let Facebook know– Go through the following steps to inform Facebook(in detail) about your Inaccessible Account.


Step 1: Login to your Facebook and go to the downward arrow at the top-right.

Step 2: Click the option, Help, and Support

Click the option, Help, and Support

Step3: Go to Report a Problem option

Go to Report a Problem option

Step4: Click if something went wrong

Click on Something Went Wrong

Step5: Mention the exact detailed problem, with proof if possible. And submit your request. 

Mention your problem and send the request
  1. Make New Facebook Account, in case of Emergency


Always remember the following pin-points while using your active Facebook Account. To avoid any issues related to Facebook Jail.

Don’t go insane while posting

Post on an alternate basis. Do not post frequently or Facebook will highlight your account unnecessarily.

Update about your Personal Profiles at a lower pace, avoiding any standouts to be noticed by Facebook.

Avoid Anonymity and Keep it Personal

Try to keep your account personal, to avoid cybercrimes. Or there are high chances that Facebook might think you are running FAKE ACCOUNT. Leading to account issues.

Keep a clean Facebook Account, avoiding any suspicious activities. 

Be careful with Adding and Tagging

Avoid being in touch with people whom you don’t know, and try to keep your account clean with trusted and well-known people. To avoid ‘dirty play’ by Saboteurs. 

These trollers or ‘Saboteurs’ can misguide you and lay a trap for you to fall in. Only you can avoid it by cutting it off in the first place. 

The best way is to not accept or send any request links from or to the people you don’t know.

Use original images

Use original images, videos, and other media to avoid losing access to your Facebook account. Facebook can ban your account, for using and promoting copied or fake information. 

As copied images and data can lead to copyright issues, spreading fake data on a large scale can also mislead many others. 

So, avoid it by using authentic content. 

Don’t act like a spammer 

Try not to send and resend the same messages in groups or large organizations. This activity can urge Facebook to high point your account under surveillance. Eventually, leading to shutting off your account. 

Even if you are using a Business Account, share and promote your data after certain time intervals. Take a break and don’t post or promote your online store daily.

TIP: Always keep your account separate from your Business account, to lessen the chances of getting Blocked or Restricted.

Avoid creating more than one accounts

Facebook does not allow you to post on inter-linked accounts. This action can lead to dropping you off from your account.

So, try to make only one personal account. And if you are running an online business, always use a Business Account.

In case, you want to use both personal and Business Accounts, use them on different devices to avoid trouble.

Ending it with the following information, that should be kept in mind while using Facebook

Points to keep in mind while using Facebook.
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