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We are always looking for specialized authors who can create original, unique, interesting and thoroughly researched articles on a wide variety of topics. We work to provide guidance to our readers seeking help with software, devices, technical services or inventions through news blogs on our site. New ideas from creative writers are always welcome.

More than 20,000 unique visitors read our blog from around the world every month. Our readers fall into different categories, such as customers, tech enthusiasts, technical experts and experts, proficient in other areas. Therefore, most readers will benefit from reading a post on the Worldzo blog.

Submission criteria

  • Originality: Articles must be completely original and we do not accept articles that you have published elsewhere. Make sure the item is unique before sending it to us.
  • Quote – All data or statistics must contain hyperlinks to valid or trusted sources.
  • Length – The word limit of the article should not be less than 1000 words.
  • Meta Description – Your article should have 1-2 sentences that summarize the whole article.
  • No advertising – No brand advertising of any kind is allowed in our articles. Even if your article focuses solely on SEO or promoting your business, we will not accept it.
  • Images – To be used as the selected image, it must be an original image and the dimensions must be 895 and 537.
  • Bio: We do not accept branded offers, but you can add links to your site or social media in your bio. It should be short, no more than 3 sentences.

Where to start from

For an overview, you can read the articles that have already been published on our site. You can read the topics so that you do not submit articles that have already been covered. Also, pay attention to the quality of the articles as we expect from our authors.

Publication process

  • Our team of authors will thoroughly review your submitted article to ensure that it is original, well-written and relevant to readers.
  • The authors reserve the right to make changes or additions to the article, if necessary.
  • If your submitted article is approved, you will receive a confirmation within 2-3 working days.
  • Once an article is published, there is nowhere to republish it.

Kindly note that all the guest posts are only eligible for ‘one-year’ duration which means after one year of the post being published is over, we can remove the post from our website.

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